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What is Pass the Bricks?

Pass the Bricks is a nonprofit organization that exists to give more children access to play.


It was founded on the following realizations:

-LEGO is an incredible play tool that supports kids’ cognitive and emotional development

-Many children don’t have access to LEGO

-Used LEGO bricks can end up in storage or even a landfill


We repurpose used LEGO bricks into “new” sets for kids who wouldn’t normally have access to them.


With your help, we can give used LEGO bricks a second life, be creative, and help kids in need!

where is pass the bricks?



Pass the Bricks started at my kitchen table in Marin County, CA.


With the help of friends, family, and word of mouth volunteers, it quickly spread across the Bay Area and multiple states.


But we were just getting warmed up.


Thanks to our recent coverage, we’ve received hundreds of requests from people asking to get involved, and now Pass the Bricks is in 157 cities across five continents.


To donate, please see our current list of ambassadors at the bottom of the landing page. We are so grateful for the support and can’t wait to see the impact we can make together. Thank you!

Our very ambitious Goals for 2024

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6,000 Pounds of Used LEGO Bricks Collected

Pass the Bricks Formalized

in 200 Cities

Across the World

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25,000 Sets Donated

to Kids in Need

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